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Legal translation principles of Chinese translation companies

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Translation is a comprehensive discipline that covers a wide range of topics and even affects all aspects of life. Legal translation is only one of its branches, which adheres to general translation principles of credibility, meaning, and elegance. In plain language, translation is faithful, flowing, and smooth. The basic principles of translation serve as a guide to enhance legal translation. Legal translation is different from other fields of translation. Compared with other types, legal translation has higher requirements in terms of accuracy and standards. It also considers literary talent important. However, credibility is also crucial. In addition, a good translation should correctly reflect the content and style of the original text, i.e., the language function. The following is a brief introduction to credibility, meaning, and elegance in legal translation.
Credibility keeps translations accurate. This is the basic principle of a translation company and the soul of legal translation. Accuracy is very important in law, which is a vital subject that requires proper wording or syntax. Hence, translation should maintain a specific legal style.
Meaning refers to translation flow. Articles that have sentences with no logical connection or relationship are not interesting to read. They are similar to bland food, which is not appetizing. Legal literature is a collection of uninteresting technical terms. When a translation lacks "flow", it is even more difficult to understand, thus losing its essence.
The last characteristic is elegance, which is hardly emphasized in legal translation. Since legal literature is generally more serious, the use of different words is unnecessary. However, this does not mean that words or sentences should be monotonous and tedious to read. Making modifications is a skill that a translator needs to master.


chinese translation services

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