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Overcoming the Obstacles in Certified Chinese Translation

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As society develops faster and faster, it requires more and more knowledge for people to keep up with the times. With a professional certificate, there will be more opportunities when applying for jobs. Certified Chinese translation is becoming a popular field nowadays. “How to perfectly translate a certificate?” is a question translators should consider. In order to overcome the obstacles encountered during translation, we must first analyze the problems that may be encountered.

   The most common problem encountered in translation is the inability to accurately grasp the meaning and usage of certain words. There are two possible reasons for this problem. One is the lack of a solid foundation of foreign language knowledge, especially unfamiliar with the words that are not so frequently used in daily communication. If the translators are confused about the word’s meaning during translation, they would of course have a hard time determining the correct translation for it. Another reason is that in certified Chinese translation, meanings of some words are different from when we usually use them. Translators would probably find the content inconsistent if they do not understand the word’s additional meanings. The same method can be used to solve this problem caused by these two reasons, which is by exerting some effort. Pay more attention to the meanings of the words related to certificates when brushing up on your vocabulary, so that it will be easier to think of the correct word in Chinese when translating.

    A lot of problems often arise during certified Chinese translation. For example, sometimes, when a German certificate is translated to Chinese, the formats are different from the original layout. However, if the certificate requires court notarization to ensure its credibility, it is necessary to confirm the format requirement with the relevant government agency. Sometimes place names are confusing after being translated into Chinese. Therefore, communication with the translators beforehand is very important and is the only way for us to better meet the customer’s needs. Another problem is that translated sentences are not fluent enough or do not conform to the grammatical rules of certified Chinese translation. A certificate is unlike usual daily expressions; it has legal significance and requires credibility. Specific sentences and language usage in the certificate must comply with the usual requirements. If the translation is not in conformity with original contents, then the certificate will lose its effect.

chinese translation services

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