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Brief introduction to English translation(chinese translation company provide)

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Our beautiful planet is home to seven billion people, who live in different countries with different cultural backgrounds and languages. During the sixteenth century when Magellan’s fleet travelled the world (Magellan died en route), many new waterways and countries were discovered, opening the door to global trade. Several European countries were able to establish colonies in the Americas, Africa and Asia. In the eighteenth century after the industrial revolution, the Western world led the development of science and technology, which promoted military science and technology, making European countries stronger and more powerful.  Japan on the other hand, refused to open its gateway and instead, emulated the West’s scientific and technological advancements.  China however, at that time remained stagnant, allowing the Eight-Nation Alliance to conquer its territory.


With emerging technology, having the right mindset is not enough; developing language ability is necessary to be able to learn from other countries. Therefore, chinese translation cocompanympany translate foreign languages serves as an important bridge to promote the development of a country. English is a universal language used in most industries, and its translation to other languages and vice versa is extremely important in today's society.


Translation is knowledge and sometimes, it is regarded as art which includes special words or terms, making it difficult to choose between free translation or transliteration. For example, the word "Chenpi" is literally translated as "old peel", but it actually means "dried orange peel" and pronounced as "Chenpi". In order to help English users understand what a tangerine peel is, the term "dried orange peel" is considered the most accurate translation. This example demonstrates the significance of a country's culture. Another example is the Japanese word "sushi," which is not really regarded as food. Sushi is actually a kind of dish that uses fish, seafood, vegetables and other ingredients to make rice rolls. Most people are actually familiar with the term "sushi". In order to promote national culture, using transliteration and collocation is recommended.


There are times when literal translation of words helps people understand the mystery of a language; however, there are also cases wherein it causes problems. For example, Chinese menus have often been the subject of common mistranslations. An example is the word "couple lungs", which is a popular dish but would probably appall foreigners. Words like this on the menu should be based on free translation or transliteration in order to make foreigners understand and appreciate Chinese dishes.


The special characteristics of Chinese characters are challenging for beginners to understand. A Chinese character when used in different sentences can have different wordings and meanings. For example, the word "entry" can be used as an adjective, meaning "mouth", but it can also be used as a noun, meaning "insert" as well as a preposition or verb.


The price of English translation often reflects the quality of translation. Choosing high-quality chinese translation cocompanympany can guarantee translation results. Translation value equates to paying for a quality translator, respecting intellectual property, giving support, and appreciating the hard work that goes with translation work.

chinese translation services

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