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Matters Concerning Certified Chinese Translation for Studying in the Philippines

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Certified Chinese translation refers to sending the deposit certificate, transcript, certificate of no criminal conviction and diploma to the foreign-related notary public in the registered permanent residence for certified translation.

Regular processing time for a
Certified Chinese translation
done in duplicate is 7 working days and costs around 4,000 NTD.

What Must Be Done at the Notary Public:

1. Honestly describe your details to the notary and indicate that the materials are being notarized for the purpose of studying in the Philippines.  
2. Present the deposit certificate, transcript, certificate of no criminal conviction and diploma to the notary, and specify that these materials need a
Certified Chinese translation in duplicate.
3. Regarding the English translation of the transcript, the notary public would probably require your help with translating some nouns.

4. When receiving notarial documents, it is important to check whether the English translation is reasonable and correct, and whether the notary missed anything.

Otherwise, there will be problems when it is authenticated at the embassy.

Certified Chinese into English Translation Concerning Studying in the Philippines FAQs:

1. What if the notary public would not notarize a deposit certificate that is less than 3 months?
Answer: The notary public is only required to notarize that the deposit certificate issued by the Bank of Taiwan is true.

2. Is authentication available at the notary public? Is it necessary to appear at the embassy in person?
Answer: Generally, the authentication is available at the notary public, however it is extremely expensive. The information can be acquired at the notary public. The authentication is recommended if the charge is reasonable, since to personally appear at the embassy will cost you transportation fees.

3. What if the notary public requires me to translate the transcript and diploma personally?
Answer: The transcript and diploma can be translated personally, the subjects’ names on the transcript would be more accurate. If you encounter problems during translation, type in “Transcript Translation” on Google and find references to compare.

chinese translation services

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