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Things to be careful of a Chinese translation company when doing legal translations (3)

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Readability is essential to articles and is a basic principle to translators while translating. However, legal translations by a Chinese translation company are comparatively difficult. Understanding the text itself is not an easy job. In the process of translating, decreasing readability is sometimes inevitable, but it is not an excuse of a poor translation. Many people would use accuracy as an excuse to do literal translations only, which must cause the translation of legal documents to be abstract and difficult to understand. Because the translation is not based on the custom of expression and the logics in the original language, it will turn out to be inflexible. When it is difficult for readers to understand the translated documents, remaining accurate would be an excuse of decreasing readability. 

 A Chinese translation company should be rigorous on doing legal translations. Fundamentally speaking, legal translation is a kind of language. In fact, there are many reasons causing poor readability, such as going too far on pursuing translation quality and neglecting the expression customary to the translated language. Perhaps the translation is inflexible and translated only in accordance with the word order of the original text, without considering the reader’s reading habits. Moreover, a translator's translation habits will have influences as well. Many people would do literal translations only, without examining the whole text. They only see a part of the text. Although this kind of translation can retain the form of the original text and guarantee its accuracy, the readability will be greatly affected, causing the translation to be imperfect. After all, translations are for readers to read, not for putting them in the study room as a collection. People are the one that read, so the translation should cater to people.

 Many Chinese translation companies are accurate in translating one word or one sentence, but the whole text is not comprehensible. Sometimes it is because the sentence structures are complicated or the word choices are obscure, making the translations be difficult to understand. In fact, this phenomenon can be improved. Translators can do literal translation at first, but the translation must be revised after it is completed.  Translators should modify and adjust the translations according to the customs of language expression and the logic of language use, only then can we deliver the translations to customers. Frankly speaking, the thing customers check at first after receiving the translations is not the accuracy, but the readability. For those legal translations that do not pay attention to customs of language expressions and do not care about sentence structures and the logic of language use, they are not acceptable for the customers because these documents are just not comprehensible. If readers cannot understand what they read, no matter how accurate the translation is, it does not matter.

chinese translation services

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