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Certified Chinese translation talking about the difference between interpretation record and class notes

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At the last paragraph, certified Chinese translation has analyzed what are the characteristics to be an interpreter. On that page, it is about the difference between interpretation record and class notes. Mainly, it is about speed and effective timeline. A lot of people would ask: Since the notes during interpretation are not needed to be detailed and taken faster, is it similar to stenography? Well, there is quite a difference between them.

When it comes to interpretation, lots of people would think about shorthand because in general, people think stenography could record the overall process of the talk during a meeting. However, it is some what inaccurate because the notes of interpretation and stenography are two totally different concepts with totally different recording methods. The main ones are:

1. For interpretation, it is all about being simple, clear, standing out, easy to read and can all be read and analyzed in seconds whenever necessary. Summarizing the main point and no detail is needed.
2. During the conversation, if the speaker suddenly changes the topics or the sentences said before, it becomes hard for stenography users to change the previous conversation. However, interpretation notes could make it relatively easier and change accordingly.
3. Stenography usually follows the rules of pronunciation whose signs are written according the pronunciation of the word. Some common words would be omitted regularly or irregularly. Stenographer could only read those signs in the original language.
4. Notes of the interpretation are full of signs and abbreviations created by the interpreters themselves which they could understand. Also, stenography is normally used for the documentation of the meetings, but interpretation is done for its own sake. The two have different purposes.

Analyzing the difference between interpretation records and class notes by certified Chinese translation above

chinese translation services

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