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Certified Chinese translation decode the skill of Synchronous interpretation

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“Synchronous interpretation is the most difficult kind of interpretation” said the certified Chinese translation. It requires good foundation of the language. There are some techniques to follow, and I shall share them now.

First, attention for listening and speaking should cooperate with each other nicely. It is vital regardless if it is synchronous interpretation or not. So called “listening” means hearing it and understanding it, which is a basic skill for meeting interpretation. But synchronous interpreters hold a higher standard because things are happening simultaneously, and that is why we should pay more attention with the cooperation of speaking and listening. Not only do we have to put our attention to understanding but also reserve some of it on translating and expressing.

Second, when handling long sentences, meaning should be considered primarily rather than a single word. Synchronous interpretation is about conveying information which normally is a full sentence. This is a very big concern for interpreters. Interpreters should do the interpretation after a paragraph rather than do it after every sentence. Also, they should see the speakers’ emotion as a part of the translation which helps them to understand faster, especially when it is a long sentence. If needed, they could add a sentence or two to make the whole translation more fluent without affecting the original meaning.

Lastly, it is the art of speaking. When doing the interpretation, we should focus on wordings; make the tone as calm as possible and pronounce it correctly. There are different habits of speaking and characteristics at different places. If time is allowed, we could observe these things beforehand to make the locals feel more comfortable when listening to our interpretation.
Certified Chinese translation decode the skill of Synchronous interpretation above. Hope it would be useful for people who are interested.

chinese translation services

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