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Story of interpretation from certified Chinese translation – Inspiration from the rabbits

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There is a story that has been told and shared by a certified Chinese translation. Once upon a time, there was a big python living in a zoo. Before the python awakes for the winter, the zookeeper placed several rabbits into its cage.Some of the rabbits were so scared that they would died because they no longer ate any food. But there is this one female rabbit which was very calm and composed. She was digging a hole and at the same time, observing whether the python was awake or not. Unfortunately, the python awoke before the hole was finished. The rabbit had no option but to hide inside the hole.She can only come out to dig when the python was not watching. Step by step, even though she has been attacked a few times by the python, the rabbit still finished digging the hole and escaped in the end.

The inspiration behind the story is that when facing a threat and danger, we should calm down at first. As an English interpreter, this kind of situation happens every now and then. Even though it is not posing any threat to life, the nervous atmosphere is still overwhelming enough to make you stressed. It is at this kind of situation that we need to calm down, analyze and bring out everything we got.

Also, the rabbit story inspires us to make good use of our time when interpreting. For example, before the interpretation starts, we have to be prepared and known what topics we may encounter; what kind of knowledge we may need to know and how to be accurate with it. If there will be any unfamiliar words and when things like these pops out, whatwill we do to save it during the process?  We should save those unfamiliar words the way the rabbit saves the hole when we have spare time. Even we have to interpret at any time, there would still be some space for us to use and correct any mistakes.

Shared by Certified Chinese translation, interpretation is just like a little rabbit’s survival.


chinese translation services

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