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The relationship between a Chinese translation company and the policy

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Since DPP became the ruling party in 2016, one of the policies is the New Southbound Policy -- including Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Australia, New Zealand and the countries in Southeast Asia and Oceania, etc. The purpose is to establish trade relations with new neighboring southern countries, which is different from geostrategic diplomacy based on politics.  

The Southbound Policy can be traced back to 1990. In order to weaken the strength of investing from Mainland China to Taiwan, and also, to increase the influence on politics by the strength of the economy, the government encourages Taiwanese businesses to invest overseas in the southeast as their diplomatic and the economic strategies. In 2002, the policy had been continuing during the former president Chen Shuibian in his tenure of office. The focus was on information industry technology, human resources, labor cooperation and economic partnership with the main partners -- including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines. Now, many companies in manufacturing have moved their factories and production lines to those countries so that they can reduce their costs and increase their profits. Our company has set our new factories in Thailand. Therefore, we need the assistance from a Chinese translation company

Unless staff in the factories can speak English or Japanese, there is little demand for the two languages in southeastern countries. Otherwise, a company will need the assistance from a Chinese translation company. Thai is a minority language and yet, selected Taiwanese managers are able to speak Thai. If this is not the case, a Chinese-Thai translator or interpreter will be needed. 

Aside from having business trips and receiving visitors, there are many specific documents needed to be translated from Thai to Chinese. For instance, “machine operation instructions”; “product specification sheets”; “employee training handbook”; “business contracts”, etc. In this case, we will normally entrust cases to quite a considerable-sized Chinese translation company in Taiwan, so that our business can be run smoothly. The related companies in Thailand will also get the same “business contract” in order to have a thorough and precise understanding of the terms of cooperation and avoid any arguments caused by any misunderstandings afterward. Furthermore, the translated documents not only helps Thai staff read “machine operation instructions”; “employee training handbook” and complete their training quickly for working on the production lines, but also increases correctness and efficiency. Meanwhile, it can also ensure the process of production and produce flawless products.

chinese translation services

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