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Being “Fast, Precise, and Accurate” in English to Chinese Document Translation - Experience Analysis shared by Kaohsiung’s Translation Co.

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According to the analysis done by Kaohsiung’s Translation Co., Chinese document translation not only tests the English ability of the translators, it is also crucial to possess the necessary techniques in order to take our translation to the next level. Like the learning process of everything, as long as you can get the three principles of being “Fast, Precise, and Accurate”, you will be able to achieve twice as much with half the effort.

“Fast “means the ability to read through the text with speed. The reading should be done in one go, and waste little time on understanding the meaning of the sentence during Chinese document translation. It is important to understand the correct meaning of the article or the sentences. However, without speed, it could also hinder the process of our translation and slow it down. So, when we are doing translations, unless the particular vocabulary or sentence is affecting the translator’s understanding of the whole sentence or article, we should be able to guess the meaning instead of wasting time to use tools like the dictionary.

“Precise” means the ability to understand the sentence correctly. The reason why Chinese document translation is so hard is because it is not simply translating the words for the literal meaning, but expressing the meaning of the sentence precisely. The level of difficulties for these two things are different. When explaining the word, we can just provide all the literal meanings of the word. However, we would have to choose the meaning that best fit the context as there is only one precise meaning for the word when it is used in the sentence. Furthermore, we will have to ensure that the translated sentence has the correct Chinese sentence structure and fluent within the context.“Accurate” means the ability to grasp the most important part of a sentence. Sometimes English sentences can get a little repetitive and redundant. If we were to translate everything word for word, it would seem a bit stiff. So, in this case, we can try summarizing the meaning of the sentences to make the meaning clearer and on point.

chinese translation services

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