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The professional website of HouGuan Translation Co., Ltd. provides the service items and up-to-date information.

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This website provides the exclusive information about HouGuan Translation Co., Ltd. which includes: About HouGuan, Service Items, Online Inquiry, Payment Method, FAQ, Links, Contact Us and Recruitment.

chinese document translation  About HouGuan

This page provides information of the translator team, the concepts in translation, the quality control procedure, the inquiry-offer work flow and the confidentiality agreement.

chinese document translation  Service Items
  This page providesinformation about the service items. Beside that, you can also find more about the company's service and get a clear view of the professional capability and services which HouGuan Translation Co., Ltd. have.
english chinese translation services  Online Inquiry
  This page mainly provides a channel for customer to inquiry about the service. You can let us know your source language, file size and translation requirement to get a fast feedback.
english chinese translation services  Payment Method
  This page provides the payment method.You can understand the payment collection method of HouGuan Translate Co., Ltd.
english chinese translation services  Links

This page provides links for who interested in translation and solution to certain problem. You can get more information about several related websites.

english chinese translation services  FAQ

This page prove answers to frequently asked questions about profession knowledge, payment method, working time and service items etc.

chinese document translation  Contact Us
  This page provides an online message system and telephone number.
chinese document translation  Recruitment
  This page for the translators who are willing to be a part of HouGuan Translation Co., Ltd.

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