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Through Examples: Chinese Translation Company Proficiency in Phrasing 2013-07-24
Phrasing: Sometimes, there is no clear relationship between the subject/main sentence patterns and modifiers in a long English sentence. The Chinese translation company normally divide long sentences or add sentences to effectively convey the original meaning.
The Chinese Translation Agency Staff Reveal the Ancient Translation System in China 2013-07-24
Here’s come research work of the Chinese translation agency staff: Since the ancient times, China has always been a multi-ethnic country, keeping good relationships with other countries. Different ethnicities and countries mean different languages and words. Therefore, there are always full-time or specialized agencies for translation work. As to the job title, there are “寄”、“像”、“譯” in the Zhou Dynasty, “九譯令”、“譯官令”、“譯官丞” in the Qin and Han Dynasty, “譯令史” in the Southern and Northern Dynasty ,“通事舍人” in the Sui and Tang Dynasty,"潤文史”、“譯史”、“通事” respectively in the Song, Liao and Jin Dynasty,“怯裏馬赤 (Mongolian, meaning interpreter) in the Yuan Dynasty, “譯字生” in the Ming Dynasty, and “通譯官” in the Qing Dynasty. All of them may not have a high position or even not have an official position, "通譯官" in the Qing Dynasty generally held the position of seventh or eight class. During the Guang Xu Period, the first-class interpreters and translators began to receive good treatment, with only one official as the Five class in the court. Redundant staff is strictly prohibited.
Chinese Translation Service Mostly Faced Problem: Different Versions, Different Reflections of Culture 2013-07-24
Hong Kong’s "Wenhui Daily" recently issued an article entitled, “Version of Three Places, Reflections of Three Different Cultures.” It says that the Chinese translation service of Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China have three different versions on name translation. Once one version is considered excellent and appropriate, it will be accepted by the other two places. The difference and blend is one of the phenomena of cultural integration. It is quite common to see three different versions, so it is also necessary for translators to know them, otherwise, this may be a cause for some embarrassment.
Important Principles of Certified Chinese Translation 2013-07-24
Whether intermediate or advanced certified Chinese translation, it contains simple words that often form the basis for these articles. It is more difficult to deal with idioms, sayings and professional terms. For example, most interpreters would consider the word “collectively” to mean “總而言之” or“概括起來” in the first example. After understanding the meaning of the entire sentence, they will see the word as“累加”. In this example, the adjective is made into an adverb or noun. The following are some examples.
Essential Writing Techniques in Chinese Document Translation 2013-07-24
A. During the Chinese document translation we found that English grammar is structure-oriented while Chinese grammar is semantic -oriented. In terms of structure, the former is more logical, while the latter is more expressive.
Characteristics of a Certified Chinese Translation of Legal Documents 2013-07-23
Unlike common language, legal language is authoritative and powerful. Law is binding and it doesn’t change according to personal taste. The same applies to legal language which is highly distinct. Thus, certified Chinese translation of legal documents should be done carefully and meticulously.
How to Choose the Right Chinese Translation Service 2013-07-23
With its entry to the WTO, China has developed a stronger relationship with other countries. Foreigners now have the opportunity to establish communication with the Chinese people. Hence, choosing a good Chinese translation service has become an important consideration in communication and cultural exchange.
Price Is Not the Exclusive Fact when Choosing a Chinese Translation Agency 2013-07-23
Foreigners with no experience in Chinese communication may find it difficult to choose the right Chinese translation agency. The translation market in China has existed for a long time, but many companies lack proper standard and management. This article will help customers find the right translation company in China.
How to Choose a Good Chinese Translation Company 2013-07-23
Choosing the right Chinese translation company to handle your documents could be quite confusing. With so many translation companies in China, which one should you choose? This article will offer you some tips on how to go about it.
Characteristics and Requirements of Chinese Document Translation 2013-07-23
Chinese document translation requires a high quality of comprehension. Qualified Chinese document translator must have a solid command of a foreign language and a rich professional knowledge. With the rapid development of societies and advances in science and technology, we have seen relationships grow in terms of political, economic, cultural and other aspects. Communication and cultural exchange between countries and people have become widespread due to mutual cooperation as well as political and economic influences of members in the "global village". Language as a medium of communication needs to develop. Translation and translation are a means of information exchange and cross-national exchange of languages and cultures. The job of translators in interpreting one language to another is very important. Therefore, translation is not only a form of language exchange or skill application, but also the translators and translators’ deep comprehension of cultures and languages. There are on-site translation and written language translation. Although they are quite similar, they have different characteristics in terms of work environment and requirements. Shuobo Translation Services aims to discuss the characteristics and requirements involved in translation to determine the limitations and nature of this type of work.

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