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chinese translation services
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chinese translation company  chinese translation services
How to identify a professional Chinese Translation Company? 2020-03-18
When it comes to translation service, there are some frequently asked questions. “How can the level of professionalism of a Chinese Translation company be defined?” “How can we choose a good Chinese Translation company?” These are not the only questions and requirements of clients; we have similarly pondered over these issues. The size of a company or the number of recruited translators may not be enough to prove an agency’s professional capacity. The following aspects are what clients really care about. First, the translated data and text should be meaningful, effective, and coherent. A real translation agency does not offer average quality translations that can be produced by any translation software or anyone familiar with the target language. Even though an intelligible translation can be generated, it may not satisfy the original purpose of the client. Second, there may be an inappropriate price-cutting competition. It is normal for a client to want the best outcome at minimal cost. Therefore, the difference in price may be reflected in the quality of translated texts. Third, a translation agency has a tight schedule each day. Most companies have a meticulous process in completing translation tasks. Therefore, clients who ask for high quality translations that are very efficient and low-priced, should try to consider the perspective of translation agencies.
How can Chinese translation agencies grow their business? 2020-03-16
Over the years, the translation price of Taiwanese-owned Chinese translation agencies has dropped (especially for mainstream languages such as English, Japanese, etc.), which compromised quality and increased customers complaints. This problem has been discussed by those in the industry. Translation agencies plan to scout and “nurture” a group of new translators. Normally, there are a few translation agencies that have employees who handle translation jobs, while the rest hire external translators or part-time translators.
Chinese Document Translation Information – Sharing Translation Works with the World(2) 2020-02-12
In general, what kinds of problems are discussed based on the above data? First, English is the most translated source language, surpassing French which placed second. English is found to be a strong language and creative in terms of culture and science. According to this index, Chinese ranks 21st, behind Japanese which places 13th. This indicates that Chinese culture has limited external influence, especially in modern culture and science categories. Not only is the export of Chinese books low, but also the number of imported foreign translated books are worse than those from European countries such as Germany, France, Spain and Russia, and even much worse than Japan and Korea.
English Chinese translation services seem easy but tricky 2020-03-12
Translation requires a high degree of familiarity with English. Vocabulary, grammar, language habits, specific expressions etc. must be mastered. Learning English for only a few years is not enough and requires training. One needs to easily switch from Chinese to English and vice versa, to be able to effectively provide English translation. There is a huge difference in the mindset of English and Chinese speakers. Translating content using he original meaning would remain incomprehensible, even if familiar Chinese characters used. To avoid this problem, the translator must not change the original content and present it based on how readers can understand.
Chinese Document Translation Information -Sex and the City (1) 2020-03-10
Sex and the City was one of the most popular TV series in the U.S. It was nominated and won the Emmys and Golden Globe several times. It has a special and interesting title that attracted viewers, making them want to spend 20 minutes watching the show. However, there was a need to make the title more formal and attractive. Let’s analyze the episode titles of Sex and the City and suggest translation methods:
How to differentiate the levels of professionalism of Chinese Translation company 2020-03-06
Online translation websites are quite common nowadays. Users only need to input the source text and the translation is generated automatically, which seems rather simple and efficient. Anyone who has basic knowledge of the target language can understand it. On the other hand, clients who entrust projects to translation agencies certainly have higher standards in terms of translation quality. They expect translated articles to be straightforward, concise, clear and easy to understand. So, at the initial stage of choosing a translation agency, the company should assign simple projects first, and then entrust more important cases after evaluating the quality of translation.
In a Chinese translation agency, good qualified technical personnel are hard to come by 2020-03-04
A translation should be true, accurate and consistent with the original text, but how is technical information successfully translated from the original text; how is knowledge conveyed, how is technical interaction achieved and how is content accuracy ensured? A successful technical translator should be strong-minded and judgmental. With one’s own knowledge, experience and expertise, the one can handle gains and losses skillfully as having flowers at hand easily or walking elegantly.
English Chinese translation services - How to master literary style (2) 2020-02-27
More people agree with the first opinion which is ideal and may not be achievable, rather than the second, which is too extreme. Literary style varies from person to person; each writer has his/her own style. Non-literary works are often materials with common characteristics, with a collective literary style applied by any writer. Such materials include scientific dissertations and legal documents that need to have accurate words, clear and understandable expressions, and objective narrations without any emotion (i.e. like a person keeping a straight face while talking).
How Chinese document translation quality is maintained and how is the quotation set? 2020-02-25
In research paper translation, the most important part is the summary. We can understand an entire document without viewing all the pages, and the quality of summary immediately determines the quality of the whole document. In this line of business, the price range for research paper translation is quite wide. To have a precise Chinese document translation, there is a need to conduct professional translation, receive advice, and acquire knowledge about translation. In some popular international research papers and journals, we’ve noticed that errors in the summary are quite common. These mistakes have often given readers a hard time understanding research content. Moreover, they destroyed the image that people have towards certain publications.
The inconsistent quality of Chinese translation companies in Taiwan 2020-02-21
In recent years, many translators jump on the bandwagon to be the first to translate works written by newly announced Nobel Prize winners for publication and profit. These works may be completed by several translators, with each chapter translated by different people and then combined together. Such translation work is often of poor quality, resulting in inconsistent content throughout the book. At present, there are no effective guidelines and authorities that regulate the local Chinese translation companies. The inconsistency and incompetence of some translators lead to poor translation quality.
chinese translation services

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