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chinese translation services
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   Legal,Medical    0.04-0.06    0.11-0.12
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   English,Japanese,Korean   German,French, Spanish,Thai,Indic
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   Legal,Medical    0.03-0.06    0.06-0.09
chinese translation company  chinese translation services
How to choose a good Chinese translation agency (1) 2020-03-30
Finding a reputable Chinese translation agency is a top priority. Character is important to people as reputation is important to business. Honesty is the foundation and path to development. Without honesty, one cannot be trusted. Without credibility, one cannot be accepted in society. Similarly, a good translation agency needs to build its reputation as well as customer trust in order to grow its brand through long-term management. A brand should not only guarantee reputation, but should also represent superior quality. An unreliable company only brings problems to customers. So, choosing a translation agency with long-term business success and large-scale operations is the best way to protect clients from false advertising and promotion. Translation quality should also be checked.
How can Chinese translation agencies grow their business? 2020-03-16
Over the years, the translation price of Taiwanese-owned Chinese translation agencies has dropped (especially for mainstream languages such as English, Japanese, etc.), which compromised quality and increased customers complaints. This problem has been discussed by those in the industry. Translation agencies plan to scout and “nurture” a group of new translators. Normally, there are a few translation agencies that have employees who handle translation jobs, while the rest hire external translators or part-time translators.
In a Chinese translation agency, good qualified technical personnel are hard to come by 2020-03-04
A translation should be true, accurate and consistent with the original text, but how is technical information successfully translated from the original text; how is knowledge conveyed, how is technical interaction achieved and how is content accuracy ensured? A successful technical translator should be strong-minded and judgmental. With one’s own knowledge, experience and expertise, the one can handle gains and losses skillfully as having flowers at hand easily or walking elegantly.
What are the professional indicators of a Chinese translation agency? 2020-02-19
On Yahoo answers, these are the frequently asked questions, “How is professional translation agencies evaluated and which agency is better?” “Can somebody recommend a more professional Chinese translation agency?” How can regular clients tell the difference? How are a professional Chinese translation agency evaluated and which agency is better? A Chinese translation agency found in a fancy commercial building doesn’t necessarily represent the best one. There are numerous factors to consider. We believe that a client who wants to have some materials translated need to take note of the following:
How to choose a Chinese translation agency 2020-02-05
Normally, Chinese translation agencies wouldn’t provide projects they cooperated with other clients to the public. However, some trials are provided to clients as reference when necessary. Additionally, the fees of a Chinese translation agency should be settled before commencing cooperation. Generally, there won’t be too much discrepancy between a translation service at all levels and service on the market in terms of criteria. However, we all need to be alert if the price of a translation service is too low or too high.
Language helps to spread the culture (Information about Chinese translation agency) 2020-01-03
In the global village era, international communication has become more common. The greatest obstacle in communication is the language barrier. Translation service has overcome this problem and made such communication possible. The Chinese translation agency can also contribute to breaking the language barrier, facilitating the communication in terms of cultural development and spreading scientific technology. Currently, there are many internationally renowned journals where scientific research results are published. We can learn advanced knowledge and the latest research results from these journals. Similarly, we can share our own research results through these journals. However, there are huge gaps among different languages, and few people could master multiple languages. Therefore, it’s better to translate all texts into the same language for it would make reading easier.
In addition to translation, does the Chinese translation agency offer other services, such as English Proofreading? 2019-12-30
A Chinese translation agency mainly offers the translation service. For example, the Chinese translation agency mainly translates English and Japanese texts. Other less common languages include German, French, Italian, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese. The content of the source text covers various fields. There are some difficult articles about medical care and aerospace technology, and there are some unique articles involving art films and religious documentation. Large scale translation companies can undertake a greater variety of cases for they employ more translators who are proficient in both the foreign language and the professional field. In addition, the source text might come in different forms, including documents, videos, audios, etc. Sometimes they need to offer service of interpretation. In fact, Chinese translation agencies also offer other types of service. Sometimes they proofread text for customers, mostly English texts. Some people may have a question in mind: why do people need such proofreading service?
Information of Chinese Translation Agency – Five fundamentals for the Translation Profession 2019-12-26
Considering the five fundamentals mentioned above, we can compare translation to riding a bicycle. The translator is like a cyclist. “Fundamentals in attitude” keeps him sober, be aware of the destination, and less likely to have an accident. “Fundamentals in German and Chinese” is like the front and back wheels of the bike; both are essential. “Fundamentals in knowledge fields” is similar to familiarity of the traffic rules, which helps a cyclist to reach the destination fast and safe. “Fundamentals in techniques” is like the skill of riding a bike— acquiring it takes some time, but mastering it helps a lot.
Information of Chinese Translation Agency – the best way to apply for Australia immigration 2019-12-23
The rapid development of IT technology and Internet did not bring great impact as some people had expected. Instead, it has brought opportunities. On one hand, translation software progressed at a rather slow pace, and it left much to be desired. On the other hand, the information overload has caused a greater demand for translation service. As the need for international communication increases, the market for translation service in Taiwan has been expanding. The general output value of translation industry in Taiwan exceeded twenty billion dollars in 2006. Our country is still in need of more veteran professionals for translation and interpretation. In 2009, about fifty thousand translators were required; in the following years, more than one hundred such personnel will be needed. However, only about sixty thousand people take up this profession nationwide at present.
Information of Chinese translation agency – the retrospect and prospect of IELTS 2019-12-16
In 2008, IELTS introduced a number of low-key changes. Within the 46 tests throughout the year, the number of old articles has decreased (occupying about 20 percent of all articles), and new questions were included (about 80 percent). There are some apparent changes in the questions. The True/False/Not Given questions, which are easier for mid-level and low-level examinees, had drastically decreased. Meanwhile, the proportion of Matching increased to 42 percent, most of which were matching related information for a specific paragraph. These types of questions are more difficult for an examinee who wants to get high scores through examination skills, for it requires a large vocabulary to answer the questions correctly. As the year 2008 passed, and with the advent of 2009, examinees should put more emphasis on fundamental skills in order to have good performance in the following tests. In retrospect of IELTS tests in 2008.
chinese translation services

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