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HouGuanTranlation Co., Ltd. with its sheer entrepreneurship is hoping to share our achievements and let more to know. It's free for you to re-post the articles, please mark the original source – HouGuan Translation Co., Ltd. (http://www.chinese-translationservices.com)
The Chinese Translation Agency Staff Reveal the Ancient Translation System in China 2013-07-24
Here’s come research work of the Chinese translation agency staff: Since the ancient times, China has always been a multi-ethnic country, keeping good relationships with other countries. Different ethnicities and countries mean different languages and words. Therefore, there are always full-time or specialized agencies for translation work. As to the job title, there are “寄”、“像”、“譯” in the Zhou Dynasty, “九譯令”、“譯官令”、“譯官丞” in the Qin and Han Dynasty, “譯令史” in the Southern and Northern Dynasty ,“通事舍人” in the Sui and Tang Dynasty,"潤文史”、“譯史”、“通事” respectively in the Song, Liao and Jin Dynasty,“怯裏馬赤 (Mongolian, meaning interpreter) in the Yuan Dynasty, “譯字生” in the Ming Dynasty, and “通譯官” in the Qing Dynasty. All of them may not have a high position or even not have an official position, "通譯官" in the Qing Dynasty generally held the position of seventh or eight class. During the Guang Xu Period, the first-class interpreters and translators began to receive good treatment, with only one official as the Five class in the court. Redundant staff is strictly prohibited.
Price Is Not the Exclusive Fact when Choosing a Chinese Translation Agency 2013-07-23
Foreigners with no experience in Chinese communication may find it difficult to choose the right Chinese translation agency. The translation market in China has existed for a long time, but many companies lack proper standard and management. This article will help customers find the right translation company in China.
Chinese Translation Agency Draft: Nuclear Medicine Heart Photography 2013-07-19
Below is a draft done by the translator of Chinese translation agency:
Chinese Translation Agency Skills: Vocabularies Translation 2013-07-18
In the business translation field, we often meet some words which is quit different to the regular meanings, so translators must put attention on this point. For this time translators of the Chinese translation agency is going to share some of the vocabularies using in the business translation field.
Chinese Translation Agency: Lyrics Translation 2013-07-17
Chinese translation agency translation Appreciation: lyrics
Chinese Translation Agency Shares: Lyrics Translation Practise 2013-07-17
Here’s a lyrics translation which Chinese translation agency wish to share with everybody.
How Dose Chinese translation Agency Deal with Sentences without the SVO Pattern? 2013-07-15
Knowledge is not just about learning and absorbing, but also about the method used. Most people will face two problems during Chinese-English translation. If the Chinese sentence has the obvious SVO (subject-verb-object) structure, such as “我愛你”(I love you), then most people can translate it into English easily. Otherwise, most people usually have difficulty translating sentences without the SVO pattern such as this line“不行就算啦”(literally meaning: Not okay, just forget/give up) in Chinese. Therefore, we’d like to discuss how Chinese translation agency deal with sentences have no SVO pattern into English.
Quality, not Speed 2013-07-12
Generally, a Chinese translation agency can only achieve a fixed workload for a specific time. Translators not only need time to translate, but also to revise its content and structure. The general cases usually include the following two types:
Translation Quality, the Strength of a Chinese Translation Agency 2013-07-11
Translation is a form of recreation. It requires high intelligence. Translation quality is a direct reflection of Chinese translation agency’s work. Because of language flexibility and sophistication, translation work cannot be replaced by advanced computer technologies which would undermine the translation market.
Key Qualifications of a Chinese Translation Agency 2013-04-30
A solid linguistic background: this is a mandatory requirement for translation. Chinese translators and interpreters should not only be proficient in Chinese but should also possess a good command of a foreign language.

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