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chinese translation services
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How does certified Chinese translation express the essence of legal documents? 2020-01-22
The law requires severity and formality. Therefore, translation cannot be generalized like other documents. Translating legal documents requires attention to detail and use of proper nouns. Certified Chinese translation also needs to apply specific methods to perfect translations.
How does a certified Chinese translation handle legal translation? 2020-01-20
Legal documents are the same as general documents. They both have opening and concluding statements. The difference is that the opening statement in a legal document is fixed and does not change, with sentence patterns such as "in order to ..., according to ..., combined ....". The concluding statement is also fixed, stating the execution date of the regulation stipulated in the document and the date of abolition of previous regulations. A certified Chinese translation should consider the importance of each part. This article mainly focuses on the translation of opening and concluding statements.
The tone and characteristics of sports news in English (shared by a certified Chinese translation) 2020-01-16
There are instances wherein English translationtranslation also need to translate sports news. Unlike other news beats, sport news is particularly unique and certified Chinese translationtranslation need to focus on the characteristics of sports news encountered in English translation.
How does a certified Chinese translation handle menu translation 2020-01-13
Due to globalization, the restaurant industry just like any other industry needs to become internationalized. Food culture and different cuisines have attracted many tourists and have achieved underestimated economic benefits. However, to successfully bring food culture to the world, there are still many obstacles to be faced. The first is menu translation. The translation quality of a menu lies on how certified Chinese translationtranslation leave an excellent and deep impression on foreigners, introducing and sending cultural value effectively to the world through communication exchange.
A conscientious translation agency is more trustworthy (shared by certified Chinese translation) 2020-01-09
Translating one language into another is not merely a job, but a responsibility and obligation. Only by attaching importance to this job can we do it well. For a certified Chinese translation, a prerequisite to completing a task is to work actively and diligently. Colleagues from Tainan District have shared important factors in translation.
A certified Chinese translation provides professional and valuable expertise in English language interpretation 2020-01-06
A certified Chinese translation once shared that the older generation has always taught children about changes in seasons, i.e., spring and summer, autumn and winter in which the weather becomes warm in spring and cool in autumn. Hence, it is important to wear more clothes when it is getting warm in spring and lighter clothes when autumn comes.
Certified Chinese translation manager introduces the training session of Synchronous interpretation 2019-09-26
Certified Chinese translation manager said that memorizing ability is vital in synchronous interpretation. So at the beginning, a session about memorizing would be the first job. Second stage is about teaching students how to record for interpretation, and the third stage is how to sharpen the skill of Synchronous interpretation.
Story of interpretation from certified Chinese translation – Inspiration from the rabbits 2019-09-12
The inspiration behind the story is that when facing a threat and danger, should we not calm down first? As an English interpreter, this kind of situation happens every now and then. Even though it is not posing any threat to life, the nervous atmosphere is still overwhelming enough to make you stressed. It is at this kind of situation that we need to calm down, analyze and bring out everything we got.
Certified Chinese translation decode the skill of Synchronous interpretation 2019-09-05
“Synchronous interpretation is the most difficult kind of interpretation” said the Certified Chinese translation. It requires good foundation of the language. There are some technics to follow, and I shall share them now.
Certified Chinese translation talking about the difference between interpretation record and class notes 2019-08-30
At the last paragraph, certified Chinese translation have analyzed what are the characteristics to be an interpreter. On that page, it isabout the difference between interpretation record and class notes. Mainly, it is about speed and effective timeline. A lot of people would ask: Since the notes during interpretation are not needed to be detailed and taken faster, is it similar to stenography? Well, there is quite a difference between them.
chinese translation services

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