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How can Chinese translation agencies grow their business?

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Over the years, the translation price of Taiwanese-owned Chinese translation agencies has dropped (especially for mainstream languages such as English, Japanese, etc.), which compromised quality and increased customers complaints. This problem has been discussed by those in the industry. Translation agencies plan to scout and “nurture” a group of new translators. Normally, there are a few translation agencies that have employees who handle translation jobs, while the rest hire external translators or part-time translators.

There are many and mixed sources of translators in these translation agencies. Except for having foreign language proficiency, only a few translators have received systematic professional translation training before engaging in this field. The translators with professional skills in the market have broadened the backgrounds of translators. The trained translators are changed from mainly language major graduates to professional technicians in translation agencies, and also, equipped the socialized and marketwise translation services with better foundation. However, the translation industry is also hounded by negative issues and controversies, which are attributed to lack of customer trust as well as demand due to low service quality and poor competition. With the increasing interaction and merging of international and domestic markets, the translation industry (languages such as Japanese and English) has experienced unprecedented growth.

In the field of information technology (i.e. software engineering), everyone follows a similar project process in order to complete a series of products and software. What is the basis for implementing software engineering regulations? The answer is customer demand. The same is true for the translation filed. Customer demand drives the translation business. There are different translation requirements from different fields and industries. But what remains unchanged is the importance of choosing a suitable Chinese translation agency and how this agency can ensure quality and implement regulations relevant to the project.

There are also plans to include entrepreneurship in college education to guide and help students who have the passion for business. After an academic review, seven groups would be selected and granted funding for this project. The first thing to do after setting up a company is to target a market that has good growth potential and organize a good team for the project. There is a need to analyze the market carefully and find a business niche. Innovation is also important in order to make a business competitive. After planning, it’s time to take action and build a business model that can help generate income and value for the Chinese translation agency with a possibility of higher risk investment.


chinese translation services

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