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Kaohsiung Chinese translation agency: Exploring ways to translate articles 2018-08-29
According to a translator from Kaohsiung Chinese translation agency, translation is like testing one’s language abilities, which can also help improve translation level. Just like all learning methods, mastering the three translation principles; namely, "speed, comprehension, accuracy" can increase productivity.
Through Examples: Chinese Translation Company Proficiency in Phrasing 2013-07-24
Phrasing: Sometimes, there is no clear relationship between the subject/main sentence patterns and modifiers in a long English sentence. The Chinese translation company normally divide long sentences or add sentences to effectively convey the original meaning.
How to Choose a Good Chinese Translation Company 2013-07-23
Choosing the right Chinese translation company to handle your documents could be quite confusing. With so many translation companies in China, which one should you choose? This article will offer you some tips on how to go about it.
The Most Used Key Vocabularies by Chinese Translation Company 2013-07-18
Chinese translation company often use the interpretation of intermediate level:
Chinese Translation Company: Lyrics Translation 2013-07-17
Chinese translation company: lyrics translation
How to Choose a Good Chinese Translation Company 2013-07-17
First, customers should pay attention to the company’s reputation. Morality is to humans while operations honesty is to companies. Honesty is the basis of everything, therefore, a truly good Chinese translation company will regard the company’s reputation and public praise as the most important thing and emphasizes on it even when the brand is already established. It not only means credibility but also excellent quality and standard service. On the contrary, companies without a good reputation may bring endless troubles and terrible loss for customers. Therefore, when it is difficult to determine the translation service provider’s quality under the cover of false advertising and marketing package, choosing a large-scale translation service provider which has been in operations for a long time is sometimes better for the customer's interests.
Chinese translation company Guidelines for Tourism Translation 2013-07-15
Chinese translation company realized various translation techniques are used to convert words and transmit culture, making foreign tourists learn more about Taiwan culture directly and accurately.
Necessary Conditions for Establishing a Chinese Translation Company 2013-07-12
In the past, only those from academic institutions who have undergone professional assessment can become senior translators. Most of them worked in the foreign affairs department or publishing companies with forty or fifty thousand belonging to professional organizations. With the increasing demand for translation jobs, the number of translators have reached millions and a suitable personnel training system is being developed. Statistics show that there are nearly 300 registered Chinese translation companies in Taiwan with at least 500,000 translators. However, there are only 60,000 professional Chinese-English and Chinese-Japanese translators concentrated in developed cities such as Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung or are working in government departments. In terms of size, Taiwan has become a major "translation hub." Its translation market is expected to reach $10 billion.
Chinese Translation Company Shares the Experience of English-Chinese Translation Methods of Manuals 2013-07-10
Chinese translation company found that some believe that manual translation should adopt the method of literal translation, even if the translation outcome is not very smooth. Literal translation means to translate the original text as to how it is written without reference to its context ; whereas, liberal translation means translators totally change the sentence structure of the original text without changing its meaning.
Common Skills of a Chinese translation company: Grasping the Writing Style 2013-04-30
Writing style is something that is intangible. What’s the typical writing style? The experts believe that writing styles encompass the characteristics of thoughts and artistic features of a specific time, group of people, a class or an individual. If we say only the artistic works possess a writing style, does it make any sense? Some people have explored various styles of Chinese translation company especially those concerning the translation of literary works.

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