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chinese translation services

How to identify a professional Chinese Translation Company?

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When it comes to translation service, there are some frequently asked questions. “How can the level of professionalism of a Chinese Translation company be defined?” “How can we choose a good Chinese Translation company?” These are not the only questions and requirements of clients; we have similarly pondered over these issues. The size of a company or the number of recruited translators may not be enough to prove an agency’s professional capacity. The following aspects are what clients really care about. First, the translated data and text should be meaningful, effective, and coherent. A real translation agency does not offer average quality translations that can be produced by any translation software or anyone familiar with the target language. Even though an intelligible translation can be generated, it may not satisfy the original purpose of the client. Second, there may be an inappropriate price-cutting competition. It is normal for a client to want the best outcome at minimal cost. Therefore, the difference in price may be reflected in the quality of translated texts. Third, a translation agency has a tight schedule each day. Most companies have a meticulous process in completing translation tasks. Therefore, clients who ask for high quality translations that are very efficient and low-priced, should try to consider the perspective of translation agencies.

It is important to ensure the professionalism of a Chinese translation company based on the following criteria:
1. The complete description and certification of the company should be shown on the company’s official website.
2. Customer service representatives should respond promptly and professionally to clients’ inquiries. 
3. It is advisable to ask for sample works to check the level of translation.
4. It is helpful to check the performance of a translation agency. A translation agency can be trusted as long as it has good business performance or portfolio. Generally, as long as you follow the above-mentioned recommendations, you will have a broad idea of how to choose and find a suitable Chinese translation company.

chinese translation services

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