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chinese translation services
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Let you comprehend more about the steps of the academic English writing procedure (English Chinese translation services company provide) 2018-12-11
A lot of people know that the English Chinese translation services is to translate Chinese articles into English contents.
How to handle problems when providing English-Chinese translation services? 2018-11-21
There are always problems that are difficult to deal with when providing English-Chinese translation services. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, so these translation difficulties are not worth worrying about. Let’s find out how translators deal with difficult cases involving English-Chinese translation.
How to Make Certified Chinese Translation Content More Reliable? 2018-10-17
Translation is the link between different languages. Its scope is not limited to literary works, nor is it limited to scientific research or exchanges on national events. Certified Chinese translation becomes more and more important amongst people using different languages.
Chinese Translation Service Mostly Faced Problem: Different Versions, Different Reflections of Culture 2013-07-24
Hong Kong’s "Wenhui Daily" recently issued an article entitled, “Version of Three Places, Reflections of Three Different Cultures.” It says that the Chinese translation service of Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China have three different versions on name translation. Once one version is considered excellent and appropriate, it will be accepted by the other two places. The difference and blend is one of the phenomena of cultural integration. It is quite common to see three different versions, so it is also necessary for translators to know them, otherwise, this may be a cause for some embarrassment.
How to Choose the Right Chinese Translation Service 2013-07-23
With its entry to the WTO, China has developed a stronger relationship with other countries. Foreigners now have the opportunity to establish communication with the Chinese people. Hence, choosing a good Chinese translation service has become an important consideration in communication and cultural exchange.
Ten Skills of the Chinese Translation Company 2013-07-19
Ten skills of the Chinese translation company:
Chinese Translation Service Example Works on International Accounting 2013-07-19
In the translation practice, accounting and auditing files are of the top complicate level. The translator in Chinese translation service need not only proficiency language skills but also good understanding of the accounting knowledge. Here’s an example work which we would like to share:
Frequent Vocabularies in Chinese Translation Service Daily Work 2013-07-18
Translators of Chinese translation service recently picked up some frequent vocabularies in daily work and willing to share with others.
Skills used in Chinese Document Translation: Key Vocabularies (A) 2013-07-18
There’s a lot of skills will be used in Chinese document translation, this time we will show you some typical vocabularies with example sentences. We hope that will help with some non-native Chinese learner.
Staff of the Chinese Translation Service would like to present lyrics translation 2013-07-17
Staff of the Chinese translation service is going to present a lyrics translation on this nice Wednesday.
chinese translation services

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