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chinese translation services
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English to
  Portuguese,   Russian,Italy,Indic
   General,Educationtd   0.08-0.10    0.13-0.14
   Engineering,Business    0.10-0.11    0.14-0.15
   Legal,Medical    0.11-0.12    0.15-0.16
Translation language
   Korean,Japanese,   German,French,Spanish Portuguese,Russian, Italy,Indic
To English
   General,Education    0.08-0.10    0.13-0.14
   Engineering,Business    0.10-0.11    0.14-0.15
   Legal,Medical    0.11-0.12    0.15-0.16
Translation language
Chinese to
   English,Japanese,Korean    German,French, Spanish,Thai,Indic
   General,Education    0.03-0.06    0.11-0.12
   Engineering,Business    0.03-0.06    0.11-0.12
   Legal,Medical    0.04-0.06    0.11-0.12
Translation language
   English,Japanese,Korean   German,French, Spanish,Thai,Indic
To Chinese
   General,Education    0.02-0.04    0.05-0.08
   Engineering,Business    0.03-0.05    0.06-0.09
   Legal,Medical    0.03-0.06    0.06-0.09
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Chinese Document Translation Information – Sharing Translation Works with the World(2) 2020-02-12
In general, what kinds of problems are discussed based on the above data? First, English is the most translated source language, surpassing French which placed second. English is found to be a strong language and creative in terms of culture and science. According to this index, Chinese ranks 21st, behind Japanese which places 13th. This indicates that Chinese culture has limited external influence, especially in modern culture and science categories. Not only is the export of Chinese books low, but also the number of imported foreign translated books are worse than those from European countries such as Germany, France, Spain and Russia, and even much worse than Japan and Korea.
Chinese Document Translation Information -Sex and the City (1) 2020-03-10
Sex and the City was one of the most popular TV series in the U.S. It was nominated and won the Emmys and Golden Globe several times. It has a special and interesting title that attracted viewers, making them want to spend 20 minutes watching the show. However, there was a need to make the title more formal and attractive. Let’s analyze the episode titles of Sex and the City and suggest translation methods:
How Chinese document translation quality is maintained and how is the quotation set? 2020-02-25
In research paper translation, the most important part is the summary. We can understand an entire document without viewing all the pages, and the quality of summary immediately determines the quality of the whole document. In this line of business, the price range for research paper translation is quite wide. To have a precise Chinese document translation, there is a need to conduct professional translation, receive advice, and acquire knowledge about translation. In some popular international research papers and journals, we’ve noticed that errors in the summary are quite common. These mistakes have often given readers a hard time understanding research content. Moreover, they destroyed the image that people have towards certain publications.
Chinese Document Translation Information – Sharing Translation Works with the World (1) 2020-01-30
Among the most spoken languages in the world, Chinese Document Translation would probably rank first given the total number of people globally who speak Chinese (including other dialects). Moreover, if we consider the total number of foreigners who learn Chinese as well as countries that include Chinese as an official language, then Chinese would not only be on par with English, but it is actually more widely used than French and Spanish.
Translation Company Information – Sharing with you our Chinese document translation experience 2019-12-05
I have no idea when translation has become such a huge industry, and I have no memory of when I started in this business. Now I, the newbie translator turned into a professional translator, have many things that I want to share with you guys. Chinese document translation is a job that requires much professionalism. First, let’s talk about written translation. Written translation requires strong language skills from the translator. It is also the basis when doing interpretation work. Strong language ability along with good expressing abilities and thinking is what makes a good interpreter.
This is an article about Chinese document translation 2019-12-02
Translation can be divided into different types such as oral interpretation, written translation and sign language. For oral interpretation, interpreters would have to translate the source language into the target language orally. As spoken language existed before the written language, the history of interpretation can be traced back further in time than written translation. Translation is to transform information in one language into another language, all the while maintaining its fluency and accuracy. Logically speaking, the process could be separated into two parts: First, decode the meaning from the source language. Second, rewrite the meaning into the target language.
Provided by a Translation Company – Analyzing The “Easy” and the “Hard” Part of Chinese Document Translation 2019-11-27
German playwright and poet Friedrich Schiller once said, “Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily.” This saying reflected the complex relationship between the “easy part” and the “hard part” that we encounter when doing English to Chinese document translation, the two of which are interdependent with each other.
Learning from Similar Chinese Document Translations (Tips Provided by a Korean Translation Company) 2019-11-25
Information provided by a Korean Translation company Translation is a skill that someone cannot master easily during their first try. When doing translation, one not only has to deal with a complex grammar system, but also has to have some knowledge of professional scientific researches, which makes the job of a translator harder. To overcome this problem, we can learn the methods of translation from similar Chinese document translations.
Being “Fast, Precise, and Accurate” in English to Chinese Document Translation - Experience Analysis shared by Kaohsiung’s Translation Co. 2019-11-21
According to the analysis done by Kaohsiung’s Translation Co., English translation not only tests the English ability of the translators, it is also crucial to possess the necessary techniques in order to take our translation to the next level. Like the learning process of everything, as long as you can get the three principles of being “Fast, Precise, and Accurate”, you will be able to achieve twice as much with half the effort.
Handling problems in Korean to Chinese document translation 2019-11-18
When doing translation works, it is inevitable to encounter some issues that are hard to handle, however, as they say, “There are always more solutions than there are problems.” So, fret not when you encounter any problem while doing Chinese document translation. Let’s check how translators deal with the issues they have encountered during Korean to Chinese book translations.
chinese translation services

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