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chinese translation services

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Translation can be divided into different types such as oral interpretation, written translation and sign language. For oral interpretation, interpreters would have to translate the source language into the target language orally. As spoken language existed before the written language, the history of interpretation can be traced back further in time than written translation. Translation is to transform information in one language into another language, all the while maintaining its fluency and accuracy. Logically speaking, the process could be separated into two parts: First, decode the meaning from the source language. Second, rewrite the meaning into the target language. So, in order to conduct the translation work, the translator must possess a certain level of understanding of the culture and linguistics behind the particular language speakers. For a good translation work, the translation not only should deliver the original meaning of the source language, but also maintain the fluency of a native language. Due to countless historical events that resulted in our current English globalization situation, English translation has become the primary demand in the translation market. However, as there are very broad range of fields in English to Chinese document translation, it is very important to find a translator that is knowledgeable in the specific field.

Basically, everything related to language can be translated. However, with different fields and mediums, it results in different levels of translation difficulty. Furthermore, there are some literary forms that can never be translated accurately, like poems as the forms and rhyme schemes are all part of what makes the meaning of a sentence. For example, there are seven syllables in “Tyger! Tyger! burning bright”, when translating it to Chinese, it is impossible to translate it into the correct meaning and use only seven syllables like in English both at the same time. A good translation, should try to achieve a balance between “accuracy” and “readability”. Sometimes an accurate translation is not always easy to read. In this situation we will have to make sacrifices and find a way to maintain accuracy of the translation and shape the text into a form that is more comfortable to read.

Take Chinese to English document translation as an example. The standard procedure of a translation company when they receive a case is to find a translator with the professional background and skills related to the type and field of the case. After the translator is done translating the document into English, it will be handed to another proofreader to check everything over, in order to ensure the accuracy. In some way, translation could also be called a form of art creation. Some translators would let their subjective opinion slip into their translation works, so sometimes it is hard for translators to not be subjective about the work. However, for clients, they all want to get the translation done in a certain amount of time, and usually it’s better if it’s faster. To achieve that, Chinese document translation companies would use the method of “peer reviewing” to ensure that the client would get the best quality of their translated works.

Of course, there are situations when the clients are not entirely satisfied with the translated work. And when that happens, for example, the client has a different opinion on the vocabularies used in the translation, the Chinese document translation company would hire another translator to step in. The cooperating translator would help with understanding the clients’ requirements and make corresponding modifications to the translation, and ensure the client would get the translated documents that meets their requirements.

chinese translation services

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