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Frequently encountered problems while translating English, provided by English Chinese translation services company

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With many years spent immersed in the world of English literature, senior translator at the English Chinese translation services company shares about problems frequently encountered by translators/interpreters, of a wall/block of limitation once you reach a point in your studies, once you hit it becomes increasingly hard to advance into a further level. The reality is that the lack of a large amount of reading is the main cause to all this, this proves to cause many problems and would indefinitely affect the foundation of an individual’s work.
First of all, reading can lead to a distorted “sense” to the feel of that particular language, an intuition developed through time so to speak. We can detect this from how a person speaks translate and interprets something, it’s clear whether the works are completed by a native or done by a foreigner, this is the “sense” that we are referring to. Sense of language is not something you are born with, but gradually cultivated and strengthened through the course of your studies, it would be impossible to develop such “sense” if an individual lacks the source of input (reading interaction, etc.) and without much sense, reading becomes a hindrance and a cumbersome process, for example someone might understand each word and it’s definition individually, but still not being able to grasp the deeper meanings of the article.
The second point is that an absence of reading can lead to a lack of immersion and understanding of crucial cultural background information. Without such it would be difficult for students to gain a comprehensive understanding of foreign books or articles and communication between foreign friends would lack sophistication, due to the lack of understanding and footing of American culture, customs, history, reasoning, and logic. The most ideal and genuine way to expand such understandings is to read many articles of various nature and genre, accumulating through time to eliminate the effects and differences due to cultural gaps.

After reading the experiences shared by senior employees form the English Chinese translation services company, would you say that it helped you somewhat better understand, the path to learning English?
I genuinely wish that these experiences helped.

chinese translation services

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