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Important Principles of Certified Chinese Translation 2013-07-24
Whether intermediate or advanced certified Chinese translation, it contains simple words that often form the basis for these articles. It is more difficult to deal with idioms, sayings and professional terms. For example, most interpreters would consider the word “collectively” to mean “總而言之” or“概括起來” in the first example. After understanding the meaning of the entire sentence, they will see the word as“累加”. In this example, the adjective is made into an adverb or noun. The following are some examples.
Characteristics of a Certified Chinese Translation of Legal Documents 2013-07-23
Unlike common language, legal language is authoritative and powerful. Law is binding and it doesn’t change according to personal taste. The same applies to legal language which is highly distinct. Thus, certified Chinese translation of legal documents should be done carefully and meticulously.
Certified Chinese Translation Appreciation: Business Related Vocabularies 2013-07-19
Just like the last time saying: our certified Chinese translation service, we are specialized in so many fields-medical magazines, legal documents, business contracts etc. Today, we continue to share business related translations as follow:
Certified Chinese Translation Appreciation: Business Journal 2013-07-18
For our certified Chinese translation service, we are specialized in so many fields-medical magazines, legal documents, business contracts etc. Today, we are sharing our business journal translations as follow:
One of a Lyrics Translation from a Certified Chinese Translation Service 2013-07-17
This time we will show you another lyrics translation work of the translator from a certified Chinese translation service.
Grasping the Seven Strategies in Certified Chinese Translation 2013-07-15
ertified Chinese translation is the process wherein Chinese is used to carry out an accurate presentation of the English text. We need to notice the following aspects in translation: firstly, translators are supposed to convey the meanings of sentences or articles rather than the structure; secondly, translation is not a simple transformation of the structure into another language. The process of translation can be generally divided into three stages: reading and comprehension, expression in Chinese as well as revising and polishing. The common translation methods include:
How Certified Chinese Translation Do the Right Western Food Names? 2013-07-12
The author of a certified Chinese translation service recently visited a number of western restaurants, most of which adopted the traditional western menu mode, that is, a list of cooking methods and raw materials in both English and Chinese.
How to Guarantee Highly -Efficient and High Quality Translation 2013-07-11
Winning client trust requires providing quality and efficient certified Chinese translation. The following articles discuss the strength of translation companies.
Translation Quality is an Important Variable to Consider when Choosing a Certified Chinese Translation Service Provider 2013-07-10
As the saying goes, cheap goods are usually of poor quality. When we choose one commodity, we pay more attention to its cost performance. It is not correct to simply say cheap goods are usually poor in quality, since a high price also does not certainly guarantee good quality. The same goes for translation companies. Clients shouldn’t judge or choose one certified Chinese translation mainly based on its price, but ensure choosing one with a reasonable translation price and which produces good quality.
Translators’ Enjoyment- Certified Certified Chinese translation 2013-04-30
It’s said that a translator is similar to a beautiful angel whose upper body is graceful and enchanting forever, but whose lower body is struggling under water.

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