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Certified Chinese translation manager introduces the training session of Synchronous interpretation

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Certified Chinese translation manager said that memorizing ability is vital in synchronous interpretation. So at the beginning, a session about memorizing would be the first job. Second stage is about teaching students how to record for interpretation, and the third stage is how to sharpen the skill of Synchronous interpretation.

First, repeating. Interpreters are asked to listen to the native-speaking teacher first and then repeat the conversation using the native language. Listen to the teacher speaking in the target language then, repeat in the target language. Listen to the teacher speaking in native language but repeat in target language. By listening to teacher and translating at the same time, it is the most effective way for the interpreter.

Second, self-training. Overall, we have very limited time in the schools.Teachers cannot always supervise us and receive their help, so self-training is very important. First step (for self-training), we have to learn how to listen, record and speak at the same time. This means that we need to have our ears to listen carefully, our brains to memorize, and our mouth to keep talking. These things have to happen at the same time without interfering with each other. For beginners, it is rather difficult but a necessary path they have to go through. Furthermore, we need to train to speed up the translation process to keep up with the speaker since the speech and interpretations are happening almost simultaneously. Last but not least, we have to have a grasp of a great amount of vocabulary. Expertise knowledge and proper nounsare needed for different subjects since interpreters are involved with a lot of professions from politics, economics to culture and technical meetings. The need for interpreters is everywhere. So, interpreters cannot be qualified without a vast expanse of vocabulary and professional knowledge.

Certified Chinese translation manager sharing the training session of Synchronous interpretation above

chinese translation services

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