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The tone and characteristics of sports news in English (shared by a certified Chinese translation)

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There are instances wherein English translation also need to translate sports news. Unlike other news beats, sport news is particularly unique and certified Chinese translationtranslation need to focus on the characteristics of sports news encountered in English translation.

Sports news does not only involve sports fans, but also other audiences. The ordinary audiences don't have professional knowledge of sports. These people are not familiar with the rules and regulations. Therefore, there are introductory and sports terms that allow ordinary people to understand sports content while listening to the announcer. A certified Chinese translation should consider these terms by providing an introduction as well as description without changing the meaning of the original content, which enables the audience to understand the news content.

Sports news usually covers games/competitions. To keep the atmosphere exciting before a game, reporters normally use strong and attractive words to describe the intensity of a competition between both sides, giving the audience an immersive experience. These words are used for comparison, highlighting the characteristics of both sides during a game and appropriately ending with an interrogative tone, leaving the audience in suspense and curious about the game, keeping them interested.  Such terms need to be considered because some expressions and metaphors used in translation require the skills of a certified Chinese translation.

chinese translation services

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