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English Chinese translation services - thesis abstract translation skills and strategies

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With the increase in international information exchange, there is a need for English Chinese translation services to translate dissertations into different languages. Presented at the beginning of a thesis is a short summary “Abstract” to help reader understand the objective of a research paper. Therefore, a thesis abstract translation also a very important part of thesis translation. A high quality English abstract increases the chance of a thesis getting searched or referenced, which has a huge impact on readership. This article discusses thesis abstract translation skills and strategies.

1. Accuracy in grammar
Regardless of the language to be translated, grammatical errors are very common especially in dissertations. In general, there are two kinds of thesis grammatical errors; one is the simple grammatical error, like verb tenses, singular and plural nouns, spelling etc.
 This type of mistake is easier to spot unlike Chinglish, which is another type of error that uses English expressions with Chinese language influence; this type of error is covert and difficult to detect and read, which reduces the validity of a thesis. Thus, it is important to spend time and carefully work on thesis abstract translation to prevent these types of errors. Moreover, it is necessary to choose a professional translation agency to handle the job.

2. Choosing words wisely

Thesis abstracts should be concise, accurate and clear. It is important to follow the same principles when doing English-Chinese translations. The thesis is an academic document; hence, the words to be chosen and used should be more formal, serious and professional. English abstracts should use vocabularies with individual meaning as much as possible and avoid using strong emotional words at have rich cultural connotation and are ambiguous. In addition, colloquialism should be avoided to keep the document more formal and professional. For unfamiliar technical terms, use reference materials or consult an expert. 
3. Ensuring completeness of a thesis abstract translation

A dissertation abstract is the main statement to help readers understand the major aspects of a thesis, research methods, and conclusions. An effective thesis abstract translation needs to establish the method, process, and main conclusion accurately as well as reflect coherent and complete central ideas and the paper’s uniqueness, in order to let readers, have a comprehensive understanding.

There are also frequently asked questions regarding English Chinese translation services and translation skills. Thesis abstract translation is a very important part of thesis translation. It can even affect the success rate of a contributed dissertation. Normally, creating an effective thesis abstract is the key to adding value to one’s dissertation. Hence, it is important to consider every word and sentence or to ask a professional translator to help work on the thesis.

chinese translation services

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