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English Chinese translation services - How to master literary style (1)

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English Chinese translation services offer the following information:
Translation style may not be visible or tactile. It may be difficult to describe, but what exactly is translation style? An expert explains the main ideological and artistic characteristics of the literature and art works of an era, a nation, genre or person. Is it only literature and art works that have translation style?

When it comes to translation style, translation of literary works is involved. Can a style be translated? There are two opinions given.One, a style can be translated. In general, the meaning of literal translation is not to change the original words. Strictly speaking, it is to keep the mood and style of the original content. Literary translation is to use another language to creatively express original content. It inspires and moves readers as if they are reading the original material. Translators should not be solely concerned with changing technical language but should also absorb the author's creativity through the original language and grasp the essence of the original manuscript before tapping into one’s mind, feelings, and life experiences. After which, the most suitable literary language should be used to complement the original style accurately reproduce the original content and form. A very important point of English Chinese translation services is its capability to translate style. For example, Gogol and Gorky manuscripts have different translation styles; Bernard Shaw's literary style is also different from that of Galsworthy, also a great British writer. It is difficult to translate a writer’s literary style. There is a need to use literary language that matches the original material and to accurately reproduce the original content and form. This kind of translation requires a translator’s creativity and maintains the fidelity of the original manuscript completely. This is the top literary translation requirement. In literary translation, aside from clarity and coherence, maintaining the style of the original material is necessary. Style is not untranslatable but it is hard to translate. What makes it difficult are the two requirements that a translator needs to keep in mind. First is the style recognition level; second is the ability to present the style. Other believes that style cannot be translated. It is questionable for anyone to claim that he or she can interpret an author's features or style. Many translators who do not know much about the original material they work on claim that their translation helps express the beautiful style of the original manuscript. A writer’s comprehension or a translation style should also base on understanding he content; otherwise, the text would just contain empty words. People who teach foreign literature like to talk about style, but to a practical translator, style is a vague idea. Normally, it seems to only covertly influence the translator who in turn influences the reader through his translation style. In this case, keeping the style as is would suffice, why bother translating it? It is better to exert effort on developing foreign language skills rather than learning the authors’ literary style. In the end, English Chinese translation services’ primary purpose is to deal with languages, and languages are abstract and emotionless like digital signs. 
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chinese translation services

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